National Registry Office for Classified Information

On 14 May 2010 , the Security Agreement between Romania and the Kingdom of Spain on the Mutual Protection of Classified Information was signed at the National Intelligence Centre in Madrid

The Agreement was signed by the Director General of ORNISS, Secretary of State, Prof. dr. MARIUS PETRESCU on behalf of Romania and by the Director of the National Intelligence Centre, Secretary of State, Army General (r) FÉLIX SANZ ROLDÁN, on behalf of the Kingdom of Spain.

The signing ceremony was attended by H. E. Maria Ligor, Ambassador of Romania in the Kingdom of Spain , by Mr. Petre Constantin, Consul of Romania in Madrid as well as by representatives of ORNISS, of the Romanian Designated Security Authorities and of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On this occasion the heads of the two delegations reiterated the engagement of the Parties to act according to the principles of equity and mutual benefit, stating that this Agreement will also be the core element for the development of the security cooperation between Romania and the Kingdom of Spain.

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