National Registry Office for Classified Information

On 31 March 2010 , the Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of the Czech Republic on the Mutual Protection of Exchanged Classified Information was signed at ORNISS Headquarters

The Agreement was signed by the Director General of ORNISS, Secretary of State, Prof. dr. MARIUS PETRESCU, on behalf of the Romanian Government, and by the Director of the National Security Authority, dr. DUSAN NAVRÁTIL on behalf of the Government of the Czech Republic .

The signing ceremony was attended by H. E. dr. PETR DOKLÁDAL, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Bucharest, by representatives of ORNISS, of the Romanian Designated Security Authorities and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On this occasion the two high officials representing the signatory governments addressed the importance of the Agreement as a basis for the future cooperation between Romania and the Czech Republic in the field of the protection of classified information in the context of European and Euro-Atlantic security environment.

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